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Start: Kurverwaltung Middelhagen

Middelhagen - Auf historischen Spuren
10 Stations
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2.78 km
Start: Kurverwaltung Middelhagen
Start: Kurverwaltung Middelhagen

Allow me to introduce myself in all modesty: I am friar Jacob - a simple monk of the former monastry Eldena. Follow me according to the depicted route and numbers, which you will find on the card, and you will discover many testimonials of the past.

My brethren, monks of the cistercian monastry Eldena | Greifswald, acquired the „Land Reddevitz“ in 1252. Furthermore, they purchased the southern part of the peninsula from the family Bonow in 1360 and called it the „Mönke Gaud“ – nowadays known as Mönchgut.
We cleared the forest floor with special skills in agriculture and water management and established Hagen, consisting of the settlements Grotenhagen, Middelhagen and Kleinhagen. Together with initially 15 German and Slav farmers we lived almost 300 years according to the commandment of „pray and work“.

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