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Middelhagen - Auf historischen Spuren
10 Stations
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2.78 km

Now follow me to the highest mountain of Middelhagen – the Schafberg. The view is certainly unique. Can you see the Baltic Sea?! The little village Lobbe is situated in front you. Lobbe belongs to Middelhagen and was a traditional fishing village.
Via Mariendorf (founded in 1820 and situated at the foot of the Schafberg) you will get to Alt Reddeviz. This is the oldest estate of terraced houses on Mönchgut. The Slavs that settled here prior to the Monks called their home „radovica“ which means „ranked“.
If you wish to delve even deeper into the history, then you should visit the „Herzoggrab“ in the Baaber Heide – a 4000 year old stone chamber oft he Neolithic age.

For now, farewell!
Yours sincerely,
friar Jacob.

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