Michelle La Flamme - grunt gallery

Artists' Memories of Mount Pleasant
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Michelle La Flamme - grunt gallery


Michelle talks about how important the grunt gallery has been to Vancouver’s arts community and shares how artists were welcomed during their openings.


What’s so amazing about being here besides the crazy traffic that is just like nonstop is that the grunt gallery is really close to my heart. I always look at the grass here because it’s such a small space and we always ended up spilling out onto this grass, socializing, paying attention to whoever was being featured.

And in Vancouver, if we didn’t have artists-run spaces like this, we wouldn’t have had the development of performance art in this city. And the spaces like this. There was two Pitt galleries. There was a Western Front, there was a Video In, and within one day within one night you could go to three or four locations and see new work that was being created, video work, installations, performance art.

So I have a lot of really positive memories associated with the work that Glenn Alteen and Archer Pechawis did, getting a lot of new artists’ work featured in this space. And this grass holds a lot of memories of laughter and conversations that just spilled out into this area. And so it’s nice for me to start at this space and to think about the relationship I have to not only this space, but this area of Mount Pleasant.

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