Michelle La Flamme - Kingsgate Mall

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Michelle La Flamme - Kingsgate Mall


Michelle shopped regularly at the neighbourhood Kingsgate Mall and loves to get her flowers at Wynn’s. "I have lived in three different places in Mount Pleasant but I always go to KIngsgate Mall to buy my flowers from Wynn.


Kingsgate Mall, well, I think anyone who lives in Mount Pleasant has experienced Kingsgate Mall. The one-stop shop. You’ve got everything that you need inside these doors. Every time I’m here, I flash back to the, used to be the super sexy kinky clothes store. And then there was the nasty Orange Julius that nobody seemed to buy anything from. This is before it kind of gentrified over to these big box stores like Reitmans and Ardene’s and Marks Warehouse.

But the one staple that has remained is Wynn and her amazing flowers. There’s nowhere else in this area that has the kind of bouquets at most reasonable prices that she has. And regardless of where I lived in Mount Pleasant, I would always end up passing by there and creating a nice rapport with her. And every time I pass through here, whether it’s getting something from Shoppers and then some kind of canned food from upstairs, and then I stop and get my cigarettes and I might stop by the liquor store.

And then I always stop by and pick up my flowers from Wynn’s Flowers.

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