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Our partners

With some of the people who publish guides here or who are involved with guidemate in some other way, we share a lot. Which is why we want to present these partners more closely in the following.


The traveller's audio books by geophon take you along for a journey around the world. The most popular cities and regions come to life with a mixture of stories, interviews, soundscapes and music.

Schöne Ecken

The two podcasters Helge and Cornelis listen to their living environment and talk about what can be seen there.

Schöne Ecken ("nice corners") is a sonic journey through city culture, the lucullan and aesthetics.

Alongside the podcast, chosen episodes are now also available at guidemate!

China Tours Hamburg

At China Tour Hamburg, you can book tours to China, including, since 2013, audio guides for some of China's mega cities. The offer contains a chinese SIM card for your mobile phone.

You can also purchase the audio guides directly here at guidemate!

Vive Berlin e.G.

Vive Berlin offers guided tours in Berlin for many different languages and topics.

One guided tour (in German) is now also available as an audio guide. And there are many more to follow!


gallerytalk.net is an information platform with authentic, local and selected articles about the contemporary art scene: An art guide for cities with a selection of information about interesting galleries and art institutions.

Felix Aaron Kent

Felix was born 1989 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. At the moment, he studies motion design at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule. He is working on various projects in the field of visual media.

We are very grateful for the guidemate video that Felix produced for us.

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