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12 Stations, 49:00 min Audio
1.39 km

Binaural Sound Walk (including historic photos)
by georg klein.

In German. Please use headphones.

12 audio stations in the former ‘Luisenstädtischer Kanal’ from Oranienplatz to Thomaskirche, Berlin.

Tracks in a Box / B-Tours (CLB Gallery)
In collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur

A walk through different time zones of the last 150 years: The ‘Engelbecken’ as well as the ‘Luisenstädtische Kanal’ between Kreuzberg and Mitte have had an extremely eventful past. Broken up during the imperial era, filled up during the Weimar period, turned into a garden, filled up again with concrete as a strip of the Berlin Wall and now a pastime hotspot for the city’s flaneurs, both bodies of water have been object to tumultuous events throughout Germany’s and Berlin’s moved history.

Sound and media artist Georg Klein – who has known the area ever since 1987 – uncovers the different layers, revives long-lost voices out of radio archives and weaves them with his own memories. By means of a special recording technique, these are projected back into the space to create an unsettling time and space game.

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