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Jakobsweg durch Lengerich

Lengerich in Westfalen
6 Stations, 8:25 min Audio
627 m
Jakobsweg durch Lengerich
Jakobsweg durch Lengerich

Guided city walk through Lengerich on the trail of the path of St. James (Jakobsweg). Young people will explain the following stations: Evangelische Stadtkirche (Protestent Citychurch), Friedensreiter (“rider for peace”), Römer (Roman), Café Samocca, Gemptgelände (terrain of Gempt) and Eiscafé Casal (ice cream parlour). The “Camino de Santiago” (path of St. James) ist passing through Lengerich and leads to Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) in Spain. We are the spanish course (EF) from the HAG (highschool in Lengerich) and we would like to present you (pilgrims, walkers, every interested people) the colourful diversity of our Lengerich.

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