Flux4 - Sound Promenade about time and water

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Flux4 - Sound Promenade about time and water

As part of the artist residency at Eutopia Studio Kavala, Sina Schmidt, Phillip Feneberg and Maik Meier are developing a sound promenade on the topic of time and water. On Saturday, 15 April, the German artist team will give a first insight into the development process of their new sound project: a mixture of field recordings, musical sound collages and text fragments from different eras will be heard, which will be laid over the everyday scenes at the Limani of Kavala harbour as a new layer.

As part of the art residence in Kavala, it came to a collaboration with the poet and painter Nick Malone, how is also art resident in the Eutopia Studio: For the sound promenade excerpts of “The Burial of Crispin Pyke” are used.

The sounds can be played on your own smartphone. The use of headphones is recommended.

Text: Nick Melone: The Burial of Crispin Pyke (excerpts) 1974

Concept, Dramaturgy, Text, AI-voices: Sina Schmidt
Concept, Sound, Music: Phillip Feneberg
Technical support: Maik Meier

Flux4 - a Sound promenade about Time, Saturday, 15.4., 12 p.m., Kolpos Kavalas, 654 03, duration approx. 15 min.

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Stations in this guide:

1. Exposition (2:46 min) • 2. Re-identify me, sea (2:39 min) • 3. The Song of Crispin Pyke (2:40 min) • 4. Finale (5:16 min)


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