Brachland: Urban utopias in Weißensee

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Brachland: Urban utopias in Weißensee

Weißensee is undergoing a big transformation. We tend to pass empty spaces by and think of them with a bit of frustration or sadness as temporary places for something that used to be or is yet to come. But what happens when we change our perspective and perceive them as places full of opportunities?

In this audio walk, we are going on a fantasy journey with protagonists from the neighbourhood who have rediscovered abandoned places and turned them into their experimental playgrounds. They take us on a post-reunification art safari, invite us for a drink in their favourite pub, lead us through the rubble of post-war Berlin, and show us the enchanted island and wild playground of Weißensee. In these places, we experience freedom – even if only for a short time – to imagine anything we want.

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The project “Brachland” is produced by Katya Romanova as part of her bachelor thesis at HTW Berlin. Published on August 26, 2022.

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