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Berlin's historical city centre

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16 Stations, 91:24 min Audio
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Berlin's historical city centre
Berlin's historical city centre

Do you feel like undertaking a journey of discovery into the heart of Germany’s capital city? Any idea where to find a 360m long relief frieze that tells the history of the city? Can you imagine how an 80 tonne granite foundling boulder was transported to Berlin 200 years ago, which was then shaped into the city’s largest soup bowl?

Allow our Berlin experts Anna Guchinski and Karl Lehmann to accompany you on your audio-guided walk around Berlin’s historical city centre. Anna is an art historian very fond of pointing out minute details you would otherwise walk past without taking notice. Karl is basically at home on water; having grown up on cargo boats, he now escorts visitors to the city along the Spree river. Occasionally he does go ashore, though. That’s when he and Anna tour together, to accompany you and invite you to make fascinating discoveries in this city.



Introduction (2:32 min) • TV Tower (9:29 min) • Church of Mary - Marienkirche (6:38 min) • Danse Macabre - Totentanz (4:37 min) • Neptune Fountain (6:46 min) • Red Town Hall (7:36 min) • Marx-Engels-Forum (3:24 min) • City Castle (6:39 min) • Garden Plaza - Lustgarten (7:13 min) • Berlin Cathedral (5:03 min) • Old Museum (7:37 min) • Friedrich Bridge (5:12 min) • Hackescher Market Square (6:01 min) • Dircksen Street (5:52 min) • The People’s Theatre (5:25 min) • Rosa Luxemburg Square (1:20 min)

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